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Sneak Peek: Josette Jaramillo, AFSCME Council 76

Josette Jaramillo
Josette is a 13 year member of AFSCME Council 76, and is still working full time as senior case worker for the department of social services and child protection in the foster care unit. She also runs a youth group home for boys in Pueblo County.   
"The heart of our movement is collective action - and the moment is now"
The power of collective action:
Years ago, I worked with a fellow organizer, (now elected to the Colorado state legislature) Daneya Esgar to work towards winning same sex/ domestic partner benefits through the city of Pueblo. We went to the city council, and they tabled the issue "indefinitely". 
We organized our members, and people in the community to demand that city council take action, and together, we won. It was a pretty big deal at the time, well before civil unions, or legalized gay marriage.
When women lead:
Josette is the President of the Colorado AFL-CIO, President of AFSCME council 76, President of AFSCME 1335, and an executive board member of the Southern Colorado Labor Council. 
More of Josette's story will be coming soon on the I am the Union project blog.


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